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For over twenty years I have been working at the cross section of cutting-edge technologies and human behaviour to design meaningful and impactful experiences, services and communication campaigns that help brands and organisations connect with their customers and create long-lasting relations and communities.

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Recent Projects


Achieved 3x votes share for he Liberal Democrats in London's Kensington & Chelsea borough utilising advanced audience segmentation and precision targeting to achieve the results at a highly restricted election budget.



A fin-tech platform aiming to disrupt the bridge lending market. We are pushing the limits of technology to reinvent the whole market: Conversational UI, AI with human oversight, VR portfolio visualisation.



Prototyped a philanthropic matching platform expanding the collaboration opportunities for players in the philanthropic world and matching donors with charities.


Qismat / IconicRickshaws

Designed the brand, user experience and marketing initiatives of a multi faceted project to sustainably raise funds for disaster reconstruction involving a micro donations platform and experiential iconic rickshaws campaign.



Founded the first early adopters network. A project aiming to solve the problem of accessing all the latest tech for passionate consumers.



Member of the founding team of an initiative to help find a sustainable business model for the disappearing local press.

A few of over 200 clients


Operating digital campaigns in 3 markets. Piloting integrated 360 marketing experiences that led to double digit sales growth



Full service digital managing the fastest growing Facebook community worldwide


Chupa Chups

Full service digital creating behaviour driven campaigns that led to 30% sales growth



Full service digital services piloting audience adaptive messaging for each brand



Full service digital branding services pioneering precision audience segmentation and micro targeting



The line is a dot

that went for a walk

Paul Klee

Tech Observer

As part of my day-to-day work I closely follow developments in key technologies that will change the human experience and change key behaviours and industries in the future.


Consumer IOT

The proliferation of connected devices in our environment is opening a world of opportunities for a reactive ambient environment. Currently the industry is still trying to figure out the most lasting use cases. It is a wild west and the winners are still to emerge.


Conversational UI

The fundamental shift of technologies facilitated by NLP and AI is now making possible the user interaction with any system to go to the most native communication form - language. We see a massive amount of trails and failures but a few notable successes already define the direction this evolution will take.


AIWHO - AI With Human Oversight

AI/Deep Learning is automating a powerful human skill of pattern recognition. It's power is in skipping the complex teaching phase of expert systems by allowing auto-teaching with data sets. While the benefits are obvious the pitfalls of "wrong lessons learned" are what is causing the failure of many such implementations. The challenge of a successful AI strategy is in creating a safe handover and oversight strategy between human and machine. All other approaches are highly risky and even irresponsible.



AR/VR is a much hyped technology that many industries are pinning their hopes for the future on. Fundamentally it is still a solution in search of a problem but a few niche use cases that heavily exploit the capabilities of the technology are showing us the way. The fundamental benefit of the technology is that it augments the native power of pattern recognition of the human brain now in 3 dimensions, thus delivering a leaping change data processing capability.

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